My dear sons and daughters from planet Earth,

Greetings of LOVE and LIGHT!

This is an urgent hotmail from your beloved creator. You may consider it an SOS!

Look around you. The Earth you are standing on at this moment is on the verge of destruction. Your mother that sustains you, that supports you, your mother Earth is DYING. Yes, you heard me correctly my child.

Wake up my dear earthly children, before it is too late.

You may say to me, "O Lord, I see nothing. Everything around me is fine. The buses are running, the trains are jetting at more and more speeds. My car is running fine. The flights are flying. Yes, sometimes they are late. But that is fine with me. I have foods from all over the world on my table."

But my dear earthly children, it will not be long before all this will stop. Read your newspaper beyond Page 3. Some of your brothers and sisters from the scientific backgrounds already know this.

Many ancient and modern prophets WARNED you. You didn't listen.


At least listen to your scientists. They have proofs that your mother Earth is dying.


Listen to the oceans, they are rising up to gobble the ground you stand on. Look at the poles and the glaciers in your mountains, they are melting. If not anything else, feel the weather in your own city or village, it is changing.

Read the SIGNS, my beloved children, they are all over your walls now.

Your rivers have become filthy drains. You have little fresh WATER to drink. Your AIR is polluted as hell. That reminds me, even some of you dress also like you are from hell.

Some of your misguided brothers have prostituted your food by genetically modifying the natural structure I created for that food for your well being. The TRUTH is that your whole planet is changing for the worse.

And I have to admit, I am a bit delayed in writing this. I thought the WARNINGS given by the Nature might wake you up. After the Tsunami and the hurricanes that brought so much destruction to you, I hoped you will wake up.

But you are still trying to please yourselves with token actions like, changing your bulbs or switching your lights off for a few hours. You think this will save you?

NO, my dear children. This is not the solution. Your scientists have read the signs correctly. IRREVERSIBLE damage has been already done to your planet. And yes, you are all collectively responsible for it. But now, this is not the time to blame each other.

And no, I also cannot do anything. Well, if YOU do not help, I also cannot heal your planet. It is like this my children that I have not received enough requests (read prayers), to make happen this healing to your planet. And without your wanting it, without your resolves to change, what do you think, why should I heal your planet? So that, you can destroy it again!

The Law says, GIVE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. My beloved children, BLESS your mother Earth. Pray for her well being. She is on her death bed. And YOU have no other support.

Yes, my child, I am GOD. But I also cannot break my own LAWS. To effect any healing, enough energy is needed. YOU, my dear sons and daughters should want this healing to happen and direct your energies, in the form of your PRAYERS to me. So I receive your prayers here in Heavens and multiply the energies and send them back to your mother Earth and to YOU.

Yes, to you also. Because, you also need this INNER healing.


Do not you want more LOVE in your life? And more PEACE? More VIBRANCY? More HAPPINESS?


You can have all the love, peace and happiness in your life. As much as you want.

But first GIVE. No my child,


I am not asking your paper notes and coins.

Just your prayers.

And in return you can have all the love, peace and happiness you want. This will heal you. And when everybody will be healed, your planet will also be healed.

Now is not the time for token actions. Now is the time for MASSIVE ACTIONS. MASSIVE INNER CHANGES. MASS PRAYERS for your planet, for your mother EARTH.

And all change start from one, my child. Open your HEART. One praying heart will lead many more praying hearts. And you all will generate enough energy to change and heal you all and your whole planet. To bring this massive healing, I need 10 Million Praying Hearts.


For this purpose, will you, my child, lend me your Heart, for just 3 minutes, out of 1440 minutes you have in a day?


Your prayers have power, my child. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. Knock and it will be opened unto you.

Are you still thinking my child?




Your timely action can create miracles. You can heal your fractured world. To start Global Healing, be a part of the 10 Million Praying Hearts For PEACE project. Please enter your name and email address below:



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